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Plant knowledge in particular has always been central to Indigenous lifeways. Paying close attention to plant life helps us build stronger relationships with lands and waters, and deepens our place-based knowledge. Plants play important roles within ecosystems so learning from plants teaches us about the many beings that plants are in relation to and about the ecosystems as a whole. Plants can also teach us how to live a good life in harmony with our environment, such as how to care for and respect those around us or how to thrive in difficult conditions.


Download an overview of the plant arc here.

Plant Arc Activities

Download plant activities for you and your family below. All activities are interconnected and do not need to be done in any particular order. We learn from plants through our experiences with them, whether it be harvesting medicines, growing food in a garden, or simply paying attention to what grows around us. The plant activities are meant to support this kind of experiential and relational learning. You will be prompted to look closely, reflect using all of your senses, and wonder about big ideas as a family.

Plant Cards

You can use these cards with many of the activities below to support your learning.

Plants in many places
General Plant Cards Cover
Plants Specific to the Northwest
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Plant Arc: Introduction

This short document gives an introduction to the Plant Arc and related activities.

Yellow and red flower close-up
Learning About Weeds

In this activity, you will learn about weeds, their impact on their environment, and how we might think about them.

Young boy in field of dry grasses
Walking Land: Making Plant Relatives

During this activity, you will draw connections and build relationships with plant relatives by going on a walk. 

Woman planting
Walking Land: Nurturing Relationships with Plant Relatives

In this second walking land activity, you will revisit a plant relative and strengthen your relationship with it.

Adult and child looking in the grass
Walking Land: Each One, Teach One

This final walking land activity involves collaborative teaching and learning with plant relatives, where you can share your knowledge with others. 

Thinking Seasonally & Relationally Using Plant Cards

Learn about seasonal cycles and relationships of plants in this activity. These aspects of plant life are central to Indigenous ways of being.

Nettle leaves
Nettle Harvest Walk

In this activity, you will look for nettle and get to know this plant relative a little better. 

Flower sketch
Sketching Plant Relatives

Get ready to draw in this activity where you will really get to know our plant relatives by sketching them in detail. 

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All Activities Combined

Download all of the Plant Arc activities in one handy PDF.

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