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We co-design innovative research and practice with educators, families, and community partners that cultivates equitable, culturally based, socio-ecological systems learning and sustainable decision-making utilizing “field based” science education in outdoor places, including gardens, for children in Kindergarten to 3rd grade and their families.
This partnership fostered opportunities for families to explore science and engineering together as they engaged with robotics, computer science, coding, and e-textiles (fabrics and clothing that integrate technology). Tech Tales invited parents to take on new roles as learners with their children while they learned about programming, engineering design processes, and related science concepts. Unlike many programs that use competitions as a context for engaging with robotics, we use storytelling to engage families in robotics in order to tie into cultural practices around storytelling, connect to families’ personal and cultural histories, and leverage the unique professional expertise of librarians in connecting people with stories.

The Family Leadership Design Collaborative (FLDC) is a national network of scholars, practitioners, and family and community leaders who work to center racial equity in family engagement by reimagining how families and communities can create more equitable schools and educational systems.

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