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The Indigenous STEAM Collaborative co-designs, implements, and shares land based educational materials developed in collaboration with families, communities, and educators and research. We foreground Indigenous knowledge systems – roles, relations, responsibilities, and gifts between and within human and other-than-human communities – and intergenerational arrangements in teaching and learning. These materials are intended to contribute to creating the conditions for collective thriving and deliberately support generative navigation, as distinct from historically powered, between and amongst different ways of knowing. This includes practices and organization of activities that assume learners make sense of the multiplicities of Indigneous Knowledge systems they are tasked to learn and continue – not an erasing or reduction to a singular view of Indigneous knowledge systems.

Learning Activities

for Families, Communities & Educators

These activities are designed to be used wherever you are! With your family, you can explore your relations with water, food, and plant and bird relatives right outside your door, whether you are in our homelands that have become dense urban places or in rural places or in other places. Community organizations and educators are encouraged to use and adapt these materials to be connected to the places you are in.

Icons of fish, bird, leaf, and waves

How do we live respectful, responsible, and reciprocal relationships with our lands, water & communities?

Tools & Resources

See our learning tools to use at home or with student groups – and explore other resources.

Icons of fish, bird, leaf, and waves
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