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Community Partners

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with these community partners

American Indian Center of Chicago

Title 4 Indian Education Program

Kateri Center

American Indian Health Services

Center for Native American and Indigenous Research

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, Daybreak Star

Red Eagle Soaring


We are grateful for community members who have shared their gifts, including:

Adam Kessel ♦ Mavis Neconish ♦ Tevelee Gudino ♦ Cyndee Starr ♦ Jennifer King

Victoria Plumage ♦ Noelani Villa ♦ Roger Fernandes ♦ Fern Renville ♦ Matt Remle

Colleen Echohawk ♦ Felicia Peters ♦ Cindy Soto ♦ Eli Suzukovich ♦ Robert Wapahi

George Strack ♦ Pam Silas ♦ Lawrence Curley ♦ Jasmine Gurneau ♦ Jordan Gurneau

Vince Romero ♦ Brad Kasberg ♦ Corinne Kasper ♦ Carlos Morales ♦ David Morales

Aaron Golding ♦ Jennifer Michals ♦ Naomi Harvey-Turner ♦ Nathan Oglesbee

Ellen Williams ♦ Jacob Adams ♦ Jayne Blacker ♦ Allen Turner ♦ Miigis Curley

Evalina Perez ♦ Tristan Pyrillis ♦ Pat Xerikos ♦ Nimkii Curley ♦ Lisa Bernal

Derrick David ♦ Pheji Cosson ♦ Ernie Real Bird ♦ Akina Curley ♦ Sam Selby

Antonio Gudino ♦ Ashley Alvarez ♦ Jude Apple ♦ Lisa Franqui ♦ Rafael Reza

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